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It's 1988, and Alexander Caleb -- “A.C.” -- is a hot shot sales rep on the fast track to being number one in his company. He's got everything going for him. He's suave, cool, admired by all in the office, and everyone’s
completely unaware that he's really a geek who plays Dungeons-n-Dragons on the weekends and Nintendo
after work. All is looking good until his boss forces him to bring his geeky best friend Nick to the big weekend corporate retreat with all his coworkers. Nick agrees to be normal for the weekend but shortly thereafter, he
disappears. He finally shows up before dawn, but to A.C.'s chagrin he's been turned into a vampire! With A.C.'s reputation at stake, he now has to cover up Nick's transformation -- but with coworkers showing up dead or becoming vampires themselves, the task becomes progressively difficult. Will A.C. save his cooler-than-cool 80's persona? Will he even get out alive? Will he win the heart of Veronica the sexy sales rep who's number one?