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Bite Me is the result of a collaboration of long-time friends and production partners Shawn Uridge, Kris Smith, Tom Ensor and Jeff Muha. Natives of Detroit, Michigan, they have used their individual and combined experiences to create a unique take on the vampire movie genre.

Executive Producer and Co-Writer Shawn Uridge is a veteran of video production in both creative and commercial arenas. An experienced entrepreneur, he brings a talent for organization and project management that is crucial to managing the operations of the production. Shawn has a background in television production and has several short films under his belt.

Director Kris Smith is a life-long film enthusiast and is responsible for bringing his artistic vision to the film. Formally trained in film production, he has worked on several feature films in the horror genre. Kris has built on that experience, and he has developed his own uniqe style over the years. Bite Me is his first feature-length film.

Writer-Producer Tom Ensor brings a strong talent for comedic writing that injects smart, witty humor into the script for Bite Me. Tom has a unique talent for laboring over just the right word or phrase to make dialogue work in the best way for the scene. As Producer, he works with Shawn Uridge and Kris Smith to make sure production runs smoothly.

Co-writer and Stunt Coordinator Jeff Muha developed the original idea for Bite Me. He is an accomplished martial artist and fight coordinator and has intensely studied fight choreography in a wide array of action films. With detailed expertise in both hand-to-hand combat and weapons training, Jeff's choreography adds a complexity and intense realism to Bite Me's fight scenes.