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Here you will find lots of information regarding all of those starring in the film. You will soon come to learn that there is a wide range of actors starring in the film.

Eric Pierce - “A.C.”

Eric Pierce is a Senior BFA Performance major at the University of Michigan. In addition to his solid acting talents, his background in stage fighting and stuntwork are valuable assets to his character of the reluctant vampire hunter, “A.C.” A native of Farmington Hills, Michigan, Eric has always had a soft spot for comedy horrors. In past films, he's fought zombies, janitors and the government, and he is pleased to add vampires to the list. Most of all, he is pleased to be working with the fantastic cast and crew that have been assembled for Bite Me.


Jonathan Klaft - “Nick”

Jonathan Klaft began his career acting on stage. Soon, he began pursuing opportunities in radio, music and television, where his hard work ethic and boundless energy got him noticed. He has worked with MTV in New York City, on-air at Tower 98.3 in Toledo, Ohio, and at several radio stations in top-market Detroit -- including Channel 955, 93.1 DRQ, Oldies 104.3, and 97.1 The Ticket. Jonathan is excited to return to his acting roots and hopes to pursue a career in television as an actor or broadcaster.

Sarah Allport - “Veronica”

Sarah Allport has enthusiastically embraced the role of Veronica, the sexy top sales rep. Being a life-long resident of Metro Detroit, Sarah loves projects that put Detroit and Michigan in the limelight. She has spent many years reporting, hosting, modeling and acting commercially. While Bite Me is her first feature film, Sarah’s beauty and talent make her a natural for the silver screen. When not hard at work, Sarah relaxes by visiting with her family and friends, traveling and her favorite... dining out. "Bite Me is a script that made me laugh by just reading it,” says Sarah. “Watching it on set has brought the 1980's Vampire Spoof to life. Containing laughter during some scenes was a challenge! It’s a great crew and cast. You will love it!"

Jay Towers - “The Bruce”

Often called “the hardest working man in Detroit showbusiness”, Jay Towers has been a fixture on radio and television for years. A New Jersey native, Jay has been a DJ since he was 14 years old. Since then, he has worked steadily everywhere from Atlantic City, to Philadelphia, to Grand Rapids -- where he became one of the youngest Program Directors in the nation at age 20. He made Detroit his permanent home in 1998 and spent many years as the morning host for 93.1 DRQ. Currently, he co-hosts the morning show “Motor City Mornings” with Bill McAllister on 97.1 FM The Ticket and is a feature reporter for Detroit’s Fox 2 News. His natural acting ability and commanding presence make him a perfect fit for “The Bruce”.

Lily Clairwell - “Autumn”

Lily Clairwell is one of those rare natural talents that simply lights up the screen. Although Bite Me is her first feature film, she displays acting ability well beyond her years. She has recently finished working on an independent short called Looking In. Lily has previously preformed in small stage performances in the Metro Detroit area and has goals of becoming a film and television actress.

Kris Wood - “Drake”

As the know-it-all Drake, Kris Wood gives a great performance and does a fantastic job embodying his cocky, 1980’s character. Kris is fairly new to the acting scene, but he quickly felt comfortable with his seasoned co-stars.

D.H. Smith - “Scott”

D.H. Smith was born in Chicago and moved to Michigan when he was 3. In college, he pursued psychology and music. While it was a far cry from acting, D.H. learned to use his experiences to become a solid performer. It was his expressive face and natural acting ability which made Bite Me producers take notice, and he landed the role of awkward office worker Scott.

Daryl Treger - “Smokin' Joe”

Daryl resuscitated his acting career in 2006 when his children coerced him into trying out for The Sky’s the Limit production of the musical Alice in Wonderland. After landing the part of the White King, Daryl has gone on to play Ram Dass in The Little Princess as well as Jacob in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Prior to 2006, Daryl had been out of “the acting biz” since high school, where he had been involved in several productions including Gypsy, Annie Get Your Gun, Once Upon a Mattress, Our Hearts were Young and Gay, Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, and a lead part as the Earthworm in James and the Giant Peach. Bite Me is Daryl’s first feature film, and he encourages the audience to realize that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Todd L. Levitt - “Peterson L. Goldstein”

Todd L. Levitt is a successful attorney and entrepreneur, but he is no stranger to showbiz. As producer and host of “The Todd L. Levitt Show,” he has entertained TV viewers for years with his offbeat brand of reality show. Viewers are treated to first-person views of Todd’s life as he follows people around with his video camera and often gets people to say and do just about anything. It is this unique ability for improv comedy, mixed with his unstoppable energy, that makes Todd an instant favorite in Bite Me.

Nicole Newman - “Colleen”

Nicole Newman was born on September 11, 1978 in Elmhurst, IL. just outside of Chicago. She has since moved to El Paso, Tx and then to the Metro Detroit area. She is one of 10 children in her family, being 9th in order. She has attended Wayne State University for a major in Psyhcology and a minor in Criminal Justice, putting a masters on hold for the future. She loves to spend most of her summers camping and spends her free time doing kickboxing, painting, sculpturing and assisting in film projects. Nicole had her debut in the independent zombie movie Long Live the Dead (2007, Alienstone Entertainment). She has two more film projects in the works: starring in the sequel to Long Live the Dead and Deadliest of Predators, both from Alienstone Entertainment.

Beth Schwab - “Renee”

Beth is currently a senior at Central Michigan University. She is a member of the Three Dull Guys Improvisational comedy group on campus and they perform a monthly show that is a mixture of improv and sketch comedy. She also is starring in a television show for the campus television station MHTV. Beth has acted in three mainstage plays through University Theater, “The Lark”, “Hal and Dave”, “Chicago Conspiracy Trial”; and two off mainstage University Theater shows, “The Heavenly”, and “Just One”. After college Beth hopes to move to Chicago or Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Eric Johnson - “Greg”

Bio coming soon.

Richard Kuffel - “Sandbox”

Richard Kuffel, or "Rich" as he likes to be called, has a natural flair on-screen that drew the filmmakers to his... MASSIVE on screen presence. His natural talent and deeply ingrained role-playing ability shows through his rough and ready exterior. This is Rich's first acting role and with hope and luck will not be his last. Rich has been employed as a mechanic for the last seven years working on industrial turf equipment.

Drew Marek - “Boomerang”

Bio coming soon.

Justin Dickerson - "Lunchbucket”

Bio coming soon.